你知道在多个平台上持续展示你的品牌可以增加你的收益吗 23%? And if these buyers share your values, 89% of them will remain brand loyal!

You can achieve this by finding a qualified, 专业品牌代理机构,可以帮助您的品牌一致性和客户关系.


已经讨论过 招标书的意义 以及其他类型的服务rfp, this article is dedicated entirely to the branding request for proposal. 请继续阅读,了解如何构建这个官方征集文件,以及为什么这个文件对你的品牌推广项目的成功至关重要.




When a company needs to create a unique brand identity or successfully rebrand, 他们通常会外包专业品牌代理机构的服务,而不是依靠自己的资源. 这样做可以让他们从局外人的角度,提供有价值的见解,了解品牌现在或将来如何被感知.

品牌RFP以一种格式良好的表示形式总结了关于项目的所有重要信息. 一个组织良好的RFP可以为您提供有竞争力的提案,并允许您比较不同的品牌供应商提交他们的投标 RFP响应.

整个 报价流程 提供一个客观的框架,为您的品牌项目选择最好的供应商,并成功地外包品牌服务.

Why Do You Need a 品牌 Request for Proposal?


Apart from being a useful tool for eliminating providers that don’t fit the bill, here are some other benefits of creating a branding RFP:

  • Get the best price for your project将您的RFP发送给不同的品牌代理机构将帮助您获得更有竞争力的提案,因此, the best price for your upcoming project.
  • Meticulously compare potential branding providers: This well-structured document will enable you to compare costs, 服务, 投资组合, 专业知识, 功能, 结果, 团队规模和其他标准来选择最合适的机构,可以提供最好的品牌解决方案.
  • Save valuable time and resources:一般, rfp遵循非常严格的格式和明确的指导方针,这将使您的采购团队节省时间和精力研究投标品牌公司.
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What Elements Should You Include in Your Brand RFP?

品牌RFP很像一家公司为寻找潜在供应商而创建的针对不同服务和专业的各种RFP. 但只有这一次,它是为那些有兴趣购买专业品牌服务的人.


  • Company information and background
  • 金沙城中心 and key competitors
  • 品牌使命,愿景和UVP
  • Existing branding issues and challenges
  • 目标受众
  • 项目范围
  • Project and 报价流程 timeline
  • 预算

How to Write a 品牌 RFP in 8 Steps

每个品牌的RFP都应适应采购公司的具体业务需求和项目要求. 然而, regardless of the types of 服务 needed, 所有类型的RFP都包含一组步骤,以确保准确的简报和一致的RFP过程.

These are the 8 essential steps to writing an effective branding RFP:

Step #1: Provide the Key Info About Your Business


Prospective branding agencies need to discover what your business is all about. Try to provide an exhaustive description of what you do, your product or service offerings and how they address your customers’ needs, how long you have been in the business, 是什么让你的品牌与众不同, what stage you are in your business, 等.

Simply put, your business information summary should include:

  • A short history about your company
  • 品牌使命与愿景
  • 独特的价值主张
  • 业务价值和目标
  • Business stage (start-up, industry leader, 等.)
  • 目前的收入
  • 金沙城中心和行业
  • 竞争格局
  • 主要利益相关者
  • Procurement Officer or 品牌 Project Manager
  • Links to your website and social media accounts

Step #2: List Your Current 品牌 Challenges

This section is about outlining the components you think your brand lacks. Be honest in why you think your branding is failing, from misguided messaging to irrelevance in the marketplace and everything in between.


  • 品牌定位不当
  • No competitive brand differentiation
  • 不一致的品牌信息
  • 缺乏品牌真实性
  • 打破品牌承诺

明确你的企业目前面临的挑战,以及你长期预测的潜在问题. This will help your future agency partner devise a relevant branding solution.

Step #3: 分享 Details About Your Brand Audience

定义你的目标受众是成功品牌推广的必要条件,也是你品牌定位的基础. 你的品牌受众是你的品牌产品最有可能吸引的消费者群体.

在你的品牌RFP中分享所有关于目标受众的可用信息. Experts will use this valuable input as the groundwork for your branding strategy.

Include details about your target audience and their main attributes:

  • 人口统计信息:
    • 性别
    • 年龄
    • 位置
    • 教育水平
    • 占领
    • 收入
    • 和更多的
  • 心理信息:
    • 购买行为和习惯
    • 购物历史
    • 爱好
    • 预期
    • 痛点
    • 和更多的
  • 用户角色/理想的客户

Step #4: Outline Your 品牌 Project’s Scope and Deliverables

This is where you make sure the scope of work is clear and to the point. List the specific deliverables for your branding/rebranding project, including:

  • 观众研究:
    • 调查
    • 面试
    • 焦点小组
    • 社交媒体分析
  • 品牌审计
  • Proposed branding/rebranding strategy
  • Logo design in different formats for multiple channels
  • 品牌风格指南:
    • 调色板和方案
    • 字体
    • 图标文件
    • 其他设计元素
  • 品牌识别模板:
    • 名片
    • 信头
    • 电子邮件签名
  • Ingenious ideas for ad campaigns and marketing collaterals (digital and print)

If your company is struggling with explicitly defining the project deliverables, 你可以要求潜在的品牌代理公司进入一个发现阶段,在这个阶段,品牌战略家和设计师将帮助你规划出所需服务的范围.

Step #5: Describe Your Ideal 品牌 Vendor

You should also draft in your branding RFP what you expect from an ideal provider. 这一步将帮助您筛选符合您特定要求的候选人.


  • Desired working hours and time zone
  • Expertise working for your niche or similar industries
  • Relevant work 投资组合 for your branding goals
  • A senior-level team of specialists and executive involvement
  • 愿意与其他第三方供应商合作,如营销专家
  • Availability for regular video calls or live meetings, weekly reports and updates
  • Flexible payment options or other financial considerations
  • 和更多的

另外, 你可以让潜在的供应商提供一些客户的推荐,这些客户曾使用过他们的服务来打造品牌或重塑品牌, alongside a summary of their project scope and contact information.

Step #6: Communicate Your RFP and Project Timeline


Make sure to include the dates for:

  • 项目的开始
  • The duration of your branding project
  • The separate milestones for different parts of your project
  • The brand RFP distribution to potential vendors
  • The interval during which you will accept and review the RFP响应s
  • When you will choose the most suitable branding agencies
  • When you will announce the winning branding agency

采取这一步是至关重要的,这样你的潜在代理合作伙伴列表就可以相应地进行规划, develop strategies and submit their proposals within your timeframe. Also, try to specify if your proposed deadlines are fixed or flexible.


在你的品牌RFP中包含一个现实的预算计划,这将帮助你从供应商那里得到更准确的回应. 它还将使他们能够识别和建议最重要的服务产品,以帮助您实现项目目标.

在提交预算时,要透明,并强调你对谈判的开放态度. 你也可以分享你可能有的任何预算限制,因为这也将帮助你更好地评估来自不同供应商的RFP响应.

Step #8: Provide Your Contact Information

Conclude your document by introducing the contact person for your branding RFP. 你也可以利用这个机会重申你的品牌项目最紧迫的截止日期.


A branding RFP can help you collect valuable responses from different vendors. It also helps you objectively choose the provider that best fits your branding goals.


Get connected with the right branding agency for your project.